Company History

Company History

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OTCI – The Early Days

To understand who we at Ottawa Technical writing and Imaging (OTWI) are today, you need to know a bit about our company history and who we once were – Ottawa Technical Communications Incorporated or OTCI.

In 2002 After working in the Ottawa telecom industry for several years – followed a few years working for local consulting companies, OTWI founding member, Richard Whitbread, created a the small technical writing company; Ottawa Technical Communications Incorporated (OTCI).

Back in those days, technical manuals were dryly written tomes, mostly over burden with cramped text in small type that filled the page, header to footer. They were the standard of the day, and just the right kind of documents that were perfect for propping up old CRT monitors, but not so effect as a means of transferring knowledge. Think about those boring textbooks you had to endure in school and you’ll get the right mental picture.

Richard was never really satisfied with that style of technical documentation, and when the opportunity to branch out on his own came, it was the opportunity to write the types of manuals he always envisioned;   manuals that served their purpose and would actually engage their target audience.

For five years, operating under the banner of OTCI, Richard engaged clients in an attempt to change their mindset about what constituted “good documentation”. Some clients were quick to embrace that change, others clung to the “old ways”; the way it has always been done.

The ‘GE’ Days

After five years operating OCTI, Richard was recruited by Integrated Circuits and Systems (ICS), now General Electric Intelligent Platforms (GEIP). His job, as their a full time, staff writer. was simply stated; Help ICS modernize their client facing documentation and present their products to the global market place.

The GEIP years and the Launch of Ottawa Technical Writing and Imaging

For five years Richard helped GEIP (Ottawa) bring their customer facing documentation into the modern age, He created the local style guides, templates and merge documents needed to move the company toward to a single source content system, streamlined their writing processes, and moved their product and corporate photography creation “in-house”. But unfortunately even good things have to end.

In 2012,  after a successful run with  GEIP Ottawa as their Senior Technical Writer, a corporate decision was made to relocated the local office to the southern United States. Not interested in moving with the company, Richard remained in Ottawa and founded Ottawa Technical Writing and Imaging; a phoenix rising from the ashes of Ottawa Technical Communications Incorporated.

The business has been successfully operating for the past several years, delivering technical communication services to both public and private sector clients.

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