Our People

Our People

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Our people make the difference.

Unlike large corporations, where people can become interchangeable, a small business lives and thrives based on who it has and the relationships it builds. Also, unlike big businesses, small business have to be flexible; specially when it comes to staffing costs.

Our current on-strength staff is (click on the link to view their profile page and CV:

We keep our on strength staff to a minimum to help keep our bottom line competitive, and also so we can pass that savings on to you, our clients.

Occasionally are approached to take on a project that requires more hands on deck than we can muster.  This is where our relationships with other small technical writing businesses  pays off.  We will never over reach our people, its just not fair to you, our client, nor to them.

If we do not have the people to devote to your project, we’ll tell you, up front, and try to help you connect with a writer in our network of business friends.

Getting your project to market is your first concern, and helping you do that is ours; even if it means sending you to our competitors.

Contact us today, and let’s discuss how to best put our people to work for you..

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